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How do you choose what’s right for you?

Fed up with being the only “single” at church – wondering how to choose an internet dating service?  We only review the very best christian dating sites here at 1st Christian Dating.  So why waste time?  Start looking now!


These are the only christian dating sites that we recommend:


If you are over 40 and based in the UK, you may wish to consider New Day marriage introductions as one way of meeting prospective


Why no other dating sites?


We recommend these sites because they are run by Christians for Christians.

Many of the so-called Christian singles sites are run by secular organisations, just wanting to tap into the online dating market for money.


There are some top-of-the-line matchmaking services which offer to match you with someone on the basis of interests, income and tastes – but as these are out of most people’s price bracket, we do not review these here.

You can find our list of “thanks, but no thanks” to these sites here.


How to find your partner with an online dating service


Online dating is now the way to find a partner who shares your faith and is interested in marriage.  With our increasingly busy lives it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to socialise in the “right” places to find a partner.

Using online services provides you with an opportunity to ‘meet’ and chat with people from a wide geographical area or in your county or state, without the formality of a date, but within a safe environment – i.e. at your home, on the internet !


You can select prospective partners by age, ethnicity & even denomination.


This is a far safer option than wandering into a so-called Christian chat room, where you have no idea who you are really meeting and talking to.


It’s possible to review a range of profiles to find someone who shares your interests – whether that’s a love of the city, walks on the beach, meal out or a passion for exercise.


After you’ve spent some time chatting on the site, you might decide it’s time to meet and see whether you “click”.  You may feel romance at that first meeting, or you may not, the important thing to consider is whether you feel relaxed and comfortable with your date.


Of course, it’s important to use wisdom and some caution when selecting not only the sites that you use to find that special someone.


There can be few people who have not heard of a couple that married after meeting on the internet – maybe this time next year the stories could be about you.


Here’s to love!

We have only reviewed sites that will help you to find a genuine Christian partner.

We love to hear of your stories and any new sites you’d like to recommend.

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